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Anodising Theory and Practice – Level 2

Anodising Theory and Practice – Level 2  takes place at our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and NADCAP approved training and production facility in Hinckley, UK. It combines classroom based sessions on the theory of Anodising with practical sessions in the Demonstration lab, the Laboratory and the plant.

Training Package

 - The theory and chemistry of anodising

 - The requirements for surface preparation before anodising

 - The theory and practice of jigging for anodising

 - The different anodising processes encountered in industry

 - The quality inspections often required in anodising and their applicable standards

 - Sealing of the anodized film

This training is aimed at people who have already achieved a basic understanding of anodizing through experience and wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the anodising process.

Amfin’s Anodizing Theory and Practice – Level 2 training is aligned with the Anodizing Planner Body of Knowledge and is suitable as preparation for the PRI Qualification Assessment.


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