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Welcome to our Online RFQ page!

On this page you will find the online form and relevant resources so you can submit your enquiry!

Keep scrolling and start your journey with us!

1. Component information

In order to submit your enquiry you will need to provide some mandatory and supporting information like:

  • component drawing

  • weight

  • dimensions (if technical drawing not available)

  • material

  • surface area (chemical processing only)

2. Fill in the form

*Use Choose File button to upload a drawing or 3d model of the part.

Quote Request Form

Company Name and Website*
Your Name and Email*
Part Number(s)*
3D Model available?*
Weight of Part (KG)*
Surface Area (dm^2)
Volumes to Quote*
Specification and Accreditation Required*
Additional Notes (process etc.)
Part Drawing or CAD file*
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Additional Document 3
What is:*

3. We will come back to you!

Once you have submitted your information we will review it, perform all our standard checks and calculate pricing based on volumes you have enquired about and come back to you with all relevant information! Thank you for your enquiry!