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Amfin has used its in-house expertise to develop several PRI Qualification approved training courses.

With 73 years’ experience in the field of surface treatment, Amfin is a recognised partner in the treatment
of parts for Aerospace, Industrial and Rail applications. Safety and Quality are always top priority at Amfin,
and our training courses reflect our rigorous approach in these regards.


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Our training courses are a mixture of classroom-based theory and practical work in Amfins plant
and laboratory. In this way we offer the participants the best possible combination to acquire knowledge
and to put it into practice. We have a dedicated training facility to conduct the classroom sessions
and practical work will be carried out in our Demonstration Lab and in our Nadcap approved,
state-of-the-art plant.



Acid Etch


This two-day training course provides an introduction to the process of acid etching metal parts prior to etch inspection for the Aerospace Industry.
It covers the chemical and electro-chemical etching processes for Nickel-based alloys, Titanium and Steels.


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Etch Inspector Operator 


This three-day training course is a foundation course for Etch Inspection of metal parts for the Aerospace Industry. It covers materials manufacturing, defects and the etch inspection methods used. Trainees will perform inspections under supervision of our experienced inspectors.


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Conversion Coating Operator 

This training covers chromate conversion coatings, phosphating and black oxide coatings. The main focus is the application of these coatings on Aerospace parts and how to control the process and achieve a quality finish. This is an introduction-level training. 

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Anodising Theory and Practice Lvl. 2 


This three-day training course is an advanced level training, offering a comprehensive overview of anodizing for Industrial and Aerospace applications. It covers surface preparation, anodizing theory and practical processes, sealing and quality considerations.


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Plating Theory
and Practice Lvl. 2

This three-day training course covers a wide-ranging set of topics around Plating
processes. The principle of electroplating, electroless plating, process control, surface preparation, safety and quality control are the main elements of this advanced-level course.

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New Training Coming Up! 


We are working hard to deliver the best training packages from the industry.


We have a few more training packs
in the making!


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PRI Qualification approved Training Courses can be organised at Amfin or Online.

Bespoke or tailored training courses are available, for further information about these or any questions about the training courses, please contact us on:

[email protected]


To register for any of our training courses, please download our Participant Registration Form here:

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