We are extremely proud of David...

October 2019 | [category]

David Pedley joined Abbey in March 2019 and attended a first aid at work course on the 16th August, little realising how soon he would put this into practice.

On the 5th Oct whilst playing football in the park with his son, a local teenager asked to join in, after a couple of minutes playing football the teenager collapsed and started to have a fit, Dave attended to him by putting him into the recovery position while someone phoned for an ambulance, the  ambulance arrived within a couple of minutes, however things took a turn for the worst when the patient went into cardiac arrest, the paramedics were able to stabilise the teenager and but for the swift action of Dave using his training the teenager may well not have survived.

Gary Griffiths (MD) said “We are extremely proud of David and especially that he helped a complete stranger. This incident has inspired us to ensure that more of our staff attends this first aid training.

As a small sign of recognition David will be our “Employee of the Month” in October.



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