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JUNE 2020

Helping the fight against COVID-19 Update

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We are continuing to supporting the NHS by using our 3D printing capability and experience to produce surgical mask straps, which to date we have supplied 5 hospitals and a Marie Curie Home.  A real boost to our staff is when we receive comments
such as those below;

“A huge thank you from all the staff for the generous donation of 100 surgical mask straps that were delivered to our A&E department recently. I have had great feedback from staff that have used them. They have found them very comfortable, enabling the masks to fit more securely to their faces. Also, they took pressure off the ears which after wearing surgical masks for over 12 hours a day can leave you with very sore ears. Very easy to keep clean and re-use which has been great considering we wear masks on a daily basis now”.

Abbey are proud to play our part in supporting the NHS and will continue to do so,
please contact us if we can support you.