Reducing the Impact

November 2020 | News

Here at Abbeys our continuous dedication to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the impact we have on our planet plays a very important part in what we do.

Following the ban of all plastic bottles on site we have estimated to have reduced site consumption by 6500 bottles, all members of staff have been issued with a flask
which can hold both hot and cold beverages.

We have successfully reduced our water usage by 1 Million litres per year following
the installation of waterless urinals in which a simple cartridge is used that contains
a chemical block, microbes are then formed which breaks down waste
and removes odours.

The installation of tablets in all areas of the business and our motive to continuously reduce our paper usage has resulted In saving over 160,000 sheets of paper
in the last 2 years.

This level of commitment has saved 62 trees, which speaks for itself.



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